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Tea can initiate a moment of quiet reflection, or be used as a welcoming gesture, or even facilitate discussion and negotiation of knotty issues. From its Asian origin and the Japanese tea ceremony, to British high tea, to today’s wonderful variety of aromatic and spiced teas, there are teas for everyone and every occasion. There has been a long and varied tradition of tea vessel shapes and styles, including tea pots, tea caddies, tea cups, tea bowls, yunomi, gaiwan, chiwan, yixing, and more?each designed in response to complex tea etiquettes. Whether you use our tea bowls for tea, or (heaven forbid) for ice cream, coffee, or Bourbon on the rocks, we know you will find a special pleasure in their feel and function.

The Asian influence on our work is undeniable. That?s where the first high-fire kilns were made, which enabled the use of stoneware, porcelain, and the classic catalog of reduction glazes which first drew us to pottery. We have happily incorporated those influences, along with many others, to create our own unique style of Fireborn pottery.